What do you do when you have a personality clash with a difficult colleague or boss and you don't want to leave your job?

Or a challenging dynamic between you and a friend or family member?

You've tried talking to them. You've taken advice. They're not changing. You still get triggered.

Enter the Forgiveness Field - a safe, guided, held space where you can work through this kind of challenging dynamic and get a new perspective on your relationship with "that" person.

Forgiveness isn't about condoning unacceptable behaviour or not setting boundaries or not speaking truth to power. It's about freeing yourself from your grievances and resentments and being stuck in repetitive, reactive patterns.

Led by Barbara J Hunt - experienced coach, bestselling author and forgiveness specialist.

Sunday 23rd June @ 7:30pm UK

on line via Zoom

Develop your inner resilience. Get unstuck.

Set Yourself Free...