Are you slightly dreading the holiday season?

Worried you'll have to sit next to "Uncle X"?

Or get stuck listening to "Auntie Whine"?

Are there difficult dynamics between you and your siblings? Your parents? Your kids?

Or do you have irreconcilable "musical" (political) differences with others in your life?

If you don't find a way to become less reactive, you risk ruining the quality of yet another holiday.

But how do you stop being affected by what happened in the past? What can you do when:

  • you can't change the person?
  • you can't change the past?
  • you can't avoid the holidays?

There is hope.

There is something you can do that will help you feel less activated when you run into "that person".

Something counter-intuitive, that is so powerful, it transforms people's lives...

"I have done lots of forgiveness work in relation to this person and this was by far the most intimate and transformational" L.J.

You are warmly invited to come to this Festive Season Forgiveness Masterclass and discover how you can dial down your inner tension in 90 minutes or less - just in time for the Winter Holidays.

You'll learn a way to transform any grievance, hurt and resentment into release, relief and healing in your heart. You will have the opportunity to be guided through my simple, yet powerful 7-step Forgiveness Made Easy process so you can let go of an unresolved issue.

Everyone is welcome - just sign up below:

Forgiveness Field Masterclass

hosted by Barbara J Hunt -

author of Forgiveness Made Easy


7pm-8:30pm UK / 11am-12:30pm PT /

2:00pm-3:30pm ET / 8pm-9:30pm CET

You are invited to make an integrity offering for this class. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the amazing charity Loving Humanity. Suggested minimum is £15.

When we do this work of forgiveness together, we create "peace on earth and good will to all" - one heart at a time, starting with yours...

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have experienced any trauma around this person and would prefer to have individual support, please apply to work 1:1 with me instead via my website:

Or just sign up below to join the Masterclass: