Father’s day is coming up… a perfect opportunity to reflect on that foundational relationship - and the enormous influence it may have had on the course of your life.

It doesn’t matter whether your father was your hero or the villain of your family. No matter what he did or didn’t do, it’s likely that deep in your heart you may have some regrets, grievances and even resentment around him. Even if you have done psychotherapeutic work on that relationship, you may not have gone as far as forgiving him.

The silently buried hopes and fears, unspoken injustices, the hurts and challenges of our early relationships weigh heavy in our hearts. This unacknowledged pain and resentment affects us physically - in health problems like chronic stress, high blood pressure or poor sleep. Harbouring old resentments affects our overall mental and spiritual wellbeing.

The good news is, you can come to a place of peace and release in your heart and transform the quality of your relationship with your father- even if he's no longer alive.

In this 90 minute Forgive Your Father Masterclass, bestselling author and forgiveness specialist, Barbara J Hunt will lead the group through a 7-step Forgiveness Made Easy guided visualisation.

You'll have the opportunity to work in the privacy of your own Zoom space, microphone off, whilst being supported by Barbara's guidance and the whole group "forgiveness field" as everyone unburdens their hearts at the same time.

It's a powerful experience. Bring tissues.

Sunday 12th June @ 7:00-8:30pm UK

11am-12:30pm PST / 2:00-3:30pm EST / 8:00-9:30pm CET

On-line via Zoom, wherever you are in the world

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